DRIE Toronto March 07 2018 Symposium - "Jump The Hurdles!"

Event Name: DRIE Toronto March 07 2018 Symposium - "Jump The Hurdles!"
Description: Our March Symposium will be a 1/2 day workshop: "Jump The Hurdles! How to Keep Your Plan Development Moving" facilitated by KingsBridge BCP - our newest DRIE Toronto sponsor. (use the following link: http://toronto.drie.org/)

Join us for an exciting workshop that addresses the issue of: No matter what line of work your organization is in (banking, manufacturing, health care, software, retail, public sector, etc.) or what stage of maintaining your BC/DR plan you happen to be in, obstacles inevitably will arise.Obstacles like:
  • Getting Buy-in from above (no budget, no people, other priorities)
  • Plan Development (quantifying threats/impacts, BU's and IT on different pages, skipping the BIA)
  • Maintaining and exercising moving forward (plan's done - no more investment required, audit is over, again other priorities)
These are just a handful of the roadblocks we see and experience so often - what others do you run into? The same type of challenges face those in IT DR planning, Crisis Management, etc. Learnings will be common to all BCM disciplines

This workshop will be facilitated by the KingsBridge consulting team. With input from attendees, we’ll work as a group to identify and address common challenges throughout the planning and maintenance process. No single person has all the answers, but in an active, energetic, fun workshop – we’ll find them together. Don’t come looking for hours of PowerPoint slides to doze-off to, we’re going to be having some great conversations in a fun, relaxed atmosphere!

KingsBridge has run this workshop recently at the DRJ conference in the USA to great success.

You don't want to miss the great opportunity to bring your BCM program concerns, issues, and ideas to the table to share and get some great food for thought in return!
Event Date: 03-07-18
Event Time: Noon to 4:00 PM
Location: Manulife Building - Main Floor Conference Room
200 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON M46 2H7

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